We have loved going swimming this half term! Lots of us have had to be extremely brave and we have shown true determination to succeed. 

We would like to remind you that on a Wednesday, we open our doors at 8.35am and leave school at 8.55am prompt so that we can be at the pool by 9am and in by 9.10am. 

Please remember you need a towel, trunks or costume, goggles if necessary and a cap for the girls (please keep practising putting them on).


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4 Responses to “SWIMMING”

  1. michael

    Swimming is so fun I went from 3 arm band on each arm to 1arm band on each arm my brother is going to football and I’m bord so can you tell me some literacy to do:To Mrs pook.

  2. moorpark

    I’m glad you are pleased about your swimming progress Michael. I am really proud of you. Reading a chapter from your home reader and talking about it with an adult is always your homework Michael! 5hp for posting!

  3. Dylan

    I love swimming it is so fun the best part is that I am learning to swim

  4. moorpark

    I love coming swimming on a Wednesday Dylan – you are making fabulous progress – keep it up. Mrs Pook

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