This week we have been making electrical circuits with switches.  We have then used them to create lanterns and wands to sell at our ‘Big Switch On’ event on Monday 19th October – more details to follow!



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  1. Shakira Othman

    I liked when we made our lanterns and the wands because it was very fun and exciting to do .

  2. moorpark

    I am glad you are enjoying our topic work Shakira. 5hp for blogging!!

  3. Ridhwan

    I really like doing eletrical things because it is my favarote fing to do.I wish I will do it forever but it was really fun though.But my favarate is makeing the wands and lantons.

  4. moorpark

    Mrs Baker and I are glad you are enjoying your topic work Ridhwan. 5hp for posting!

  5. I really liked doing electrical stuff, what are we doing next in DT?

  6. moorpark

    We are making our Christmas decorations Matthew. Glad you are enjoying our topic work. 5hp for blogging!

  7. kelsea

    I really enjoyed my illumination experience thankyou very much

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