Today, class 4EP have been acting out our prepositions.


Kobi was ‘inside’ the cupboard.


Daniel was ‘underneath’ the table.


Harry had been shot and was now ‘on’ the floor.



Cameron and Aiden were catalogue posing ‘next to’ eachother.


Matthew was doing The Whip ‘on top of’ Michael.


Caitlin was squashed ‘in between’ the radiator and the chair.

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Plague Art Work


This week, Year 4 children have been looking at the work of the artist, Escher.  We have recreated some of his more common skull and eye works using a range of pencils and shading techniques.

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Year 4 are fit to go!


Last week, Year 4 students at Moor Park Primary took part in a ‘Fit to Go’ quiz run by the Blackpool FC Community Trust and are still celebrating their win.  A signed ball has made its way to the ever-expanding trophy cabinet.

The quiz, held at the stadium, was a huge success and Michael, Amber, Kelise, Cameron, Charlie, Kieron, Matthew SB, Matthew R, Josh and Shakira are very proud of their achievement!

Well done to all involved!

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Smooth multiplication!

On Friday, we made smoothies – AS PART OF OUR MATHS OF COURSE!

We decided on the ingredients to make one jug of mixed fruit smoothie and then had to calculate the ingredients for making more jugs.  Sophie had to find out what ingredients were needed to make 4 jugs.

Obviously we had to taste them and they were delicious!


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Multiplication Maths!

As a whole class, we split the task of making a multiplication grid.  We worked in pairs to calculate and then collate our findings, then joined with other pairs and put them together to make our own chart.


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